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Financial Adviser Groups (>50 Advisers)

White Labelled Lead Generation & Conversion System

Deploy a Ready-Made Lead Generation Marketing System that Qualifies and Helps You Convert those Leads Quickly, Competitively and at Low Risk

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How Does it Work?

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People searching for financial advice no longer follow a linear path from awareness to consideration to purchase. Google has found that no two customer journeys are exactly alike. Their search widens and narrows a few times before they search locally for an adviser who can help them. They search with intent.

Our system makes contact with these active searchers around the time they start searching locally. As part of our process, the UK's leading experts in local search design your local webpages and deploy keyphrases relevant to the lead outcomes you want - Pension leads, Investment leads etc.

Local landing pages are created for the areas where you have IFAs or regularly cover.  The pages are drafted by professionals who truly understand the type of information a person requires exactly at this point in the search.

Initially, your pages will be optimised for contact form responses. Once an initial baseline of response has been established from form leads, we'll discuss the inclusion of telephone qualification. This is designed to increase lead conversion. People are more committed if they are on the phone.

If you want to know “Where do your leads come from?” – the answer is they find us. Or you. After all we are using your brand and range of advice areas to attract interest to you. Leads are searching for particular types of financial advice, and that's how we can help channel them to you.

If a lead is actively searching for financial advice, they have intent and that means they have a higher likelihood to convert. They want your advice. They have momentum and want a solution to their problem fast. As such, they make excellent introductions for financial advisers.

High Qualified Leads for Financial Advisers

Our aim is to provide qualified leads with pertinent information for your IFAs to understand their requirements.

The lead will provide the best time for your IFA to contact them, their name and address, email and best contact number, plus their specific advice requirements and financial assets.

Additionally, we use sophisticated affluence data profiling to corroborate the details provided by lead.

Our process qualifies the individual by their affluence (high net worth, affluent or mass affluent) and assets value.

High Net Worth means we profile the introduction as having greater than £250,000 of assets excluding the value of the residence they live in.

Affluent means assets are between £250,000 and £100,000.

Mass affluent leads may be suitable for some financial products where assets are less important and typically £30,000 to £100,000, and may be ideal for a Robo-advice platform.

The affluence profile is provided as part of the lead. The lead information will be matched to the most appropriate adviser and added to their dashboard.


Lead Generation & Conversion System for Financial Advisers

How do we match a lead to one of your financial advisers?

By using an algorithm based on a number of relevant factors that make sense to you, like proximity, advice required, availability to contact the lead when its best for them and the IFAs capacity to take on new leads.

There are a number of factors that are factored into the algorithm.

(1) Is the IFA available for leads? They may be on leave, ill, or just outfaced with work currently. Our agreement wil reflect the number of  advisers you have and their requirements for leads. 

(2) The rate per lead will be determined by the number of leads your organisation can handle. Capacity comes into play when we are fairly allocating the leads we have between your financial advisers. 

(3) Whilst you may cover  the entirety of the UK, and your IFAs may be willing to travel, our collective aim should be to focus on conversion and whether a lead is open to be served by an IFA who is not local. 

(4) We capture the financial advice required and where they are located. Where this is specific, the introduction is matched to financial advisers with that particular level of expertise. Part of the registration process is selecting which services you offer and the locations you cover. 

Handling the lead quickly and professionally increases the chances of conversion. Therefore, if a lead is matched to one of your IFAs, it is imperative for them to contact the lead at the time requested.

IFA Credibility, Authority of IFA

If the lead thinks of your IFA as an authority, credible and actually likeable, lead conversion rate will rise. That's why we focus on getting this emotional collateral to the lead before the IFA meets them.

The system both finds and qualifies leads and supports conversion by sending positive messages about the IFA, so the lead is happy they made the right choice to meet your IFA.

Firstly, as a courtesy and to generate warmth, we  send your IFA's pre-recorded warm welcome to all leads. As part of the IFA setting up their profile in the system, they record a short 40 second welcome video.

After all, if you were a prospective client, wouldnt you want to know that the person who is going to provide advice is looking forward to meeting them. For your  IFA, it is not just another lead.

There is a simple how-to guide to producing the video. Your IFAs don't need any special equipment other than a smartphone or camera on their desktop.

Another way we amplify your IFAs is through local promotion. They feature on the local landing pages where they typically offer services. The adviser feature is an upper body photograph and 150-250 words about them and their skills. 

Being on a podcast is quite an honour. It is also an excellent way to create authority. Meet Professionals' MD Graham Arrowsmith and co-host Kevin Appleby have produced a weekly business podcast for over 6 years in the UK. As an option, your IFAs can appear on a new variant of Kevin and Graham's show - The Next 100 Days - Financial Advisers. 

The podcast is only 20 minutes long. Not long when you get chatting, which your IFAs will!

The purpose is to make them the hero. It allows time for them to share their ideas about their role and approach. Our aim to make them look good. They will have fun and that will make them even more appealing to the lead. It is one of the surest ways your company can take to build your IFAs authority. And just imagine what distance it'll place between your team and your local competitors teams!

Financial Adviser Lead Generation & Conversion System

All qualified leads are forwarded to the matched Financial Adviser's dashboard in real-time.

A notification text message is sent to your IFA's mobile phone. This message will contain a link back to their dashboard.

Once the IFA has acknowledged receipt of the lead, the automated messages will be sent to the prospect, including the welcome video, the adviser feature and their podcast recording.

The objective must be for fast follow up. A lot of the heavy lifting is done by the system, but clearly the IFA needs to contact during the best time to contact the lead had set.

On your initial call you can then go on to book  your free initial 60 minute consultation meeting with them. That meeting can be at their home, in their place of work, at your office or online.

 IFA Leads Generated For Conversion and Profit 

Green Box, White Tick Mark, Meet Professionals Irresistible Offer

   A marketing system to build growth, brand and scale - increased return on investment

Green Box, White Tick Mark, Meet Professionals Irresistible Offer

   Award winning Google Premier Partner local search experts - highly qualified leads that convert

Green Box, White Tick Mark, Meet Professionals Irresistible Offer

   Your IFAs can feature on a leading UK podcast - enhance your IFAs personal authority, credibility and likeability

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   Save administration time with built-in system emails sent to every lead - less cost and more conversions

Green Box, White Tick Mark, Meet Professionals Irresistible Offer

   Optimises the skills of your IFAs by algorithm matches and effective allocation - message to market match

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Exclusive Features to Boost Conversion 

New Client Calculator - Meet Professionals

Your bespoke dashboard includes a new client calculator to assess your return on investment.  Just input your values to understand the number of leads required to reach your goal.

Featured Face - Meet Professionals

Increase your IFAs credibility with potential leads and amplify their local standing and authority by featuring them on relevant local landing pages. 

ROI Booster - Meet Professionals

Boost your competitive performance through managed local search experts, and access proprietary artificial intelligence that uniquely associates keyphrases with outcomes training your system to become more efficient over time.

Signature Video - Meet Professionals

All leads will receive your IFAs welcome video after the lead is qualified and matched and before their meet the lead. It's another in-built process that provides your company deliver a consistently warm welcome every time.

Authority Podcast - Meet Professionals

OPTION: Be a guest on The Next 100 Days - Financial Adviser Podcast to truly multiply your IFAs authority relative to the competitive alternatives. Build in status, authority and likelability before the initial  meeting.

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