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Why Should You Care?

  1. Prospects are increasingly searching for advice online.
  2. You want new clients cost effectively and time efficient.
  3. Adapt and get ahead of IFAs too slow to act now.

What’s in it for You?

  1. High conversion rates from exclusive affluent leads.
  2. You avoid the hassle of DIY and getting things wrong.
  3. High value leads every time with assets of £100k or more.

Why Us?

  1. Years of experience helping financial advisers get leads.
  2. Enhance your authority, to increase your conversions.
  3. Low risk and there are no long-term contracts.

How Does it Work?

Meet Professionals Process

People searching for financial advice no longer follow a linear path from awareness to consideration to purchase. Google has found that no two customer journeys are exactly alike. Their search widens and narrows a few times before they search locally for an adviser who can help them. They search with intent.

Our system makes contact with these active searchers around the time they start searching locally. We’ve built in the leading experts on local search into our process. Our search experts use relevant key phrases to help narrow a search to one of our financial advisers.

Local landing pages are created for the areas where people are searching for answers. The pages are drafted by professionals who truly understand the type of information a person requires exactly at this point in the search.

The pages are optimised for telephone response. We do this quite deliberately. That’s because our focus is getting financial advisers the best levels of conversion achievable. People also have the option to fill out a form online too, but qualifying people on the phone ultimately gets a higher level of conversion. People are more committed if they are on the phone and ask to book an appointment with a financial adviser. 

If you want to know “Where do your leads come from?” – the answer is they find us. They are searching for particular types of financial advice, and that’s how we can help channel them to you.

If someone is actively searching for financial advice, they have intent and that means they have a higher likelihood to convert. They want your advice. They have momentum and want a solution to their problem fast. As such, they make excellent introductions for financial advisers.

How do you make a lead more like a referral? You talk to an individual who is actively seeking advice on the telephone, understand the particular financial advice they want, get clear on their contact details and ask them if they are happy to be matched to the most relevant and trusted financial adviser locally who can help them.

Additionally, using their name and address details, we go the extra mile. We use sophisticated affluence profiling in real-time. This corroborates the data provided by the individual in person or on a form.

Our process qualifies the individual by their affluence and assets value. Are they High Net Worth or Affluent?

High Net Worth means we profile the introduction as having greater than £250,000 of assets excluding the value of the residence they live in.

Affluent means assets are between £250,000 and £100,000.

Some people will have assets below this level for certain services where assets per se are not essential for the financial adviser.

Our websites pre-qualify the leads before they can ring us or fill out a form. This is so we can attract customers with more than £100,000 in assets (excluding the property they live in).

We price High Net Worth Individuals a little higher than those people profiled as Affluent. This is to reflect the potential value to you.


How do we match an introduction to a financial adviser? By using an algorithm based on a number of relevant factors that make sense to you, like your proximity, assets, service required and your availability to call the lead when its best for them.

We’ll discover a lot about the lead on their call with our Award Winning Reception team.

After all, they are seeking answers from a trusted financial adviser so it’s important to do the matching process accurately and with diligence.

There are a number of factors that are factored into the algorithm.

(1) Does the Financial Adviser want introductions right now? We do not commit you contractually to take a particular number of leads. Instead, we invite you to decide how many leads or introductions your business is willing to take over the next month. Part of the process of registration includes access to a specially developed tool where you can calculate how many new clients you require over the coming year given the particular circumstances of your practice. This tool assists you when you are deciding how many introductions you need for your growth ambitions and budget.

(2) Your capacity for introductions. Let’s say you want 8 leads this month and have already had 8 leads. You do not have capacity for any further leads, unless you visit your dashboard and let us know you want more. Capacity comes into play when we are fairly allocating the leads we have between financial advisers. Our aim is not to simply channel all leads to the advisers who commit most to the system. There has to be room for new users of the system to test and use our leads. So, we factor these aspects into the algorithm.

(3) Whilst some financial advisers will be willing to travel far and wide, we recognise that our customers are searching locally. Being respectful of their expectations, we will attempt to factor in how far you are from the introduction.

(4) We capture the financial advice required and where they are located. Where this is specific, the introduction is matched to financial advisers with that particular level of expertise. Part of the registration process is selecting which services you offer and the locations you cover. This is built into the algorithm depending on how close you are to the lead and if you do the service that they require an adviser for.

For greater chance of conversion, we pride ourselves on delivering people fast track financial advice. The lead wants to speak to an adviser as soon as possible which is why we’ve created a live planner for advisers to easily select which times and days they are available to contact new leads. When the lead agrees to meet they provide the best times to be contacted. Based on this, we match them to an adviser who availability is good for that time. 

Meet Professionals finds people looking for financial advice and matches them to trusted financial advisers. Our focus is to set up the meeting in the best possible way. That means, elevating your status with the lead right from the start. If the lead thinks of you as an authority, your lead conversion rate will rise. Which will encourage you to keep coming back for more of our leads!

One side of the equation is finding qualified  affluent leads. The other is to have the introduction completely happy they have made the right choice to meet and work with you as a financial adviser.

We do this by amplifying your profile with the introductions even before you meet.

First, we ensure you send a consistently warm welcome to all leads. We do this by you recording a short video of welcome. You are looking forward to meeting them. Imagine not saying so! We guide you as to how to do the video, you don’t need any special equipment other than a smartphone or camera on your desktop.

You can also become a ‘Featured Face’ on one of our local landing pages. We’ll have dozens of them in your area, so take advantage of this free service.

You’ll need an upper body photograph and 250 words about you and your skills. Then we’ll add you to the respective page in an area where you want leads from. Your good name helps us, our page elevates you. A win win.

You may not get more leads necessarily, but it will help elevate you as a sort of Top Seed’ and garners recognition and possibly selection by the customer.

Finally, you will be invited to be on The Meet Professionals Podcast. We have extensive experience of podcasting. It truly improves your standing. And google ranking!

The podcast is only 20 minutes long. Not long when you get chatting, which you will!

The purpose is to make you the hero. It allows time for you to share your ideas about the role you do and your approach. Our aim to make you look good, so we’ll properly brief you. You will have fun and that will make you more appealing to the introduction and others who tune into your episode. It is one of the surest ways you can build your authority.

Once we send you a lead, you have the option to accept or decline it by looking at the information provided. Once you accept the lead, we’ll automatically send them the recording along with your welcome video.

Our Award Winning Reception team will spend time on the phone with leads. The objective will be to gather the relevant information we know you will want. Like their asset value for example and why they really need a financial adviser.

All the information we have for the introduction will be forwarded to you in real-time as the receptionist matches you to the lead.

One way our system improves is by artificial intelligence. The conversation is recorded and then analysed for certain phrases that are ultimately linked to conversion. We then link their original search with the conversion and do more of those searches and less of the ones that ultimately do not convert.

Once the receptionist books the appointment, the client details are sent to matched advisers via the Meet Professionals dashboard. You will be notified via text when you have a lead. You then have the choice to accept or decline it. But be quick, as it could be taken by another adviser who accepts it before you.

You then get sent the contact details with the lead’s telephone number. You also get their email if you’d like to email them too.

On your initial call you can then go on to book  your free initial 60 minute consultation meeting with them. That meeting can be at their home, in their place of work, at your office or online.

iMac, IpAd, iPhone and Free Report Layout for Meet Professionals Offer

Get £48,470 Value with NO UPFRONT FEES!

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Booking a consultation via phone can help you double conversion rates – improved return on investmentvalue £28,000

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Award Winning Reception team evaluation & real-time data profiling – highly qualified leads – value £8,670

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Appear on the Meet Professionals podcast – enhanced personal authorityvalue £4,000

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We’ll create & send your “consistently warm welcome” video to every lead – more conversionsvalue £2,400

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Get ‘Top Seed’ status by featuring on a local landing page – trust & conversions – value £2,400

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Initial consultation meetings setup & confirmed direct from dashboard – save time & budget value £2,250

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Decide how many leads you need with the new client calculator – improves your marketing planvalue £750

Exclusive Features to Boost Your Conversion 

New Client Calculator - Meet Professionals

Know your new client acquisition numbers by using the new client calculator. It’s a simple, clear way to assess your return on investment.

Featured Face - Meet Professionals

Amplify your local standing and authority by being the Featured Face on selected landing pages, increasing the chances of getting more leads.

ROI Booster - Meet Professionals

Artificial intelligence interprets call recordings and uniquely associates data with outcomes so we can train our system to attract better leads for you.

Signature Video - Meet Professionals

Foster great meetings by sending a Signature Video to all leads automatically. Deliver a consistently warm welcome every time.

Authority Podcast - Meet Professionals

Be a guest on the Meet Professionals Podcast to elevate your authority locally and enhance your status with a new client before you hold a meeting.

Guest on the Meet Professionals Podcast

by Graham Arrowsmith


Our prices are based on the method of delivery, the value of assets and the service required

No upfront fees
No long term contract
Free to register


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Qualified By Form

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  • Pensions Leads
  • Personal Pension Plan Leads
  • Annuities Leads
  • Retirement Income Planning Leads
  • Pension Drawdown Leads
  • Funding Long Term Care Leads


  • Equity Release Leads
  • Retirement Mortgage Leads


  • Wealth Management Leads
  • Wealth Planning Leads
  • Inheritance Tax Planning Leads
  • Tax Planning Leads



  • Final Salary Pensions Leads
  • Company Pension Transfer Leads


  • Mortgage Leads
  • Re-Mortgage Leads
  • Protection Leads


  • ISA’s & Savings Leads

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